Technical Parts

Our thermoformed parts find application in many industries, such as furniture and medicine. Wether you need durable upholstery support or visual decoration; we have the right materials for you and will determine appropriate material thickness.

Based on your part requirements we determine possible material dimensions and tool specifications.

Insert Technology

Inserts requires a high precision development and special production facilities. QIN-Form has 20 years experience in these production.

Production facilities

We have fully automated facilities for our insert production. The machines have cleanroom facilities and are able to process raw material in both rolls and sheets. Our closed-system technology can create inserts between 20 and 1400 mm with a high degree of accuracy.

We perform a complete surface inspection on all our inserts in a special clean room.


To protect your products, we develop the ideal tray system based on your part data, prototype parts and other requirements.

To facilitate this, we can go into a number of questions. Is your tray single or multi use? Do you load it by hand or with machines? What are the ESD specifications? How is the tray stacked? What are the measurements, usage count and the piece weight? These and other things are taken into consideration for us to develop and build the perfect tool for your needs and an economic production.

Trays for Painting lines

They guarantee your injection parts a safe and easy transport between your injection moulding shop, the painting, the assembly, your storage and quality inspection area and even your customer.
A special designed and integrated fixation will secure a safe position of your part on the tray and individual areas for overspray will provide your cost effizient paint production.